jueves, 25 de octubre de 2012

Hey you all,

got some messages and worrying emails that friends pilots were worried we don't blog any more,
we do blog every day but on FACEBOOK
you can find us on FB doyouwanna
and it is public,

we hope you follow us on FB,
we blog daily and this already for over 8 years,

all is fine,
we do fly a lot lot lot,
and have lots lots lots of fun,

hope to see you around,
and give us feedback please !

un abrazo,
Nick,. Kath y Paco
Hey girls and guys,

we do blog every day, don't worry, we are fine, we do fly lots lots lots,
but we blog now on Facebook,
our FB account is Doyouwanna and public,
but if you like us .....

I hope you follow us from now on on FB,
and give us feedback

love you all,
Nick, Kath y Paco