viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2016

Spain - Iran - Morocco, for those who choose a different kind of paragliding roadtrip, Doyouwanna does it

Spain where are base is since 1998,  25 flying sites, that we love to guide you to.  

Morocco, almost the whole months in february there again, come and enjoy the flying in Morocco and lots more of this amazing neighbouring country.

Iran, we go again in November, and again in April 2017.  Extraordinary roadtrip to Iran, flying with the Iraneans on their awesome high mountains and lower desert dunes.   A trip you never ever gonna forget, Iran has so much to offer.    You ll always want to go back and back and back,

Intersted in one of those trips, let us know.  We love to share our experiences.

Doyouwanna specialized in roadtrips to Iran and Morocco, our base in Alicante Spain where we have been professionaly guiding since 1998

Hope to hear from you,
Nick,. Kath y Paco

Agenda :
Alicante . all year round except roadtrips time
Morocco : 4 - 25 february
Iran 5 - 15 april 2017

sábado, 17 de septiembre de 2016

Parapente Alicante Spain Paragliding

Wingovers Jijona, Elche tourism, Alicante tourism, all you need for having a super flying holiday in Spain.    Flying paragliding abroad, sunny destination, beach fun .

We are here to help out since 1998 !

Only professional run guiding service in the region , it doesn't get much better

Nick, Kath y Paco

viernes, 16 de septiembre de 2016

Paragliding Alicante - Doyouwanna fly - Parapente Viajes - Roadtrips to Iran, Morocco

September - october, best months to fly paragliding in Alicante, fly ing in Spain,

Parapente holidays in the sun, thats what most of the pilots are looking for.    After 18 years of professional guiding in Alicante, I think we kinda know where to take you on an adventure.   New sites, not known sites,  regular sites, coastal and mountains.

Hope to see you all,

Dates for our trips to Iran, Morocco and Algeria, ask us,  Places available still.

Nick, Kath y Paco