martes, 21 de julio de 2015

Paragliding Spain - Alicante

Weather you are a XC, acro or beginner pilot,  don't miss out on one of the best paragliding holiday opportunities you'll ever have in life.     Europe's best value paragliding holiday, check it out.

From our coastal sites to our numerous mountain sites, with 16 years of experience you can't be wrong.  Ask our customers, of which 80% have been back to Alicante, experiencing it again and again and again.  

It has it all, if flyable there is a choice, if not flyable there are loads of other things to do.

Skywalk , Advance , Sup'air , Gradient , we have all kinds of equipment for you as well.

Hope to hear from you all, it'll be nice to meet up !!
Nick, Kath y Paco