jueves, 17 de diciembre de 2015


Still having an amazing after summer.  Yesterday mountains again, today same thing.

We got back from our roadtrip to Iran as well,.  Here some fotos, hope you like them.

Doyouwanna roadtrip to Iran

martes, 17 de noviembre de 2015

Fly Alicante - Spain

Hola everyone,

We had a fantastic time on our roadtrip to Iran, you can see and read on our facebook page.

Fly Iran with Doyouwanna

Back in Alicante till february to guide you all on our hills.  

Just getting back sunday, and monday already huge flights near El Cid, here is a foto.

Hope we see you all soon,

Nick, Kath y Paco

lunes, 26 de octubre de 2015

Paragliding Spain - Alicante

Paragliding Spain Alicante, the region with the most flying sites to choose in Europe's best climate

Here foto's of three of them.  We like to take you to different sites, see the mountains, hills, seasites.   Fly fat thermals, or soar with astonishing views.
Lets take you there, you're gonna love it.

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miércoles, 30 de septiembre de 2015

Paragliding Alicante - Spain

Thats what we do and you are welcome to join us.

Let us get you to the best sites of the day, let us organise your paragliding trip.   You won't regret.   After all, 16 years and more.   Longest established paragliding company in the region,

Lets fly Alicante, lets fly Santa Pola, lets fly Spain !

And still very alive !!

Hope to hear from you all,
Nick. Kath y Paco

sábado, 15 de agosto de 2015

Tandem glider for sale Gradient bigolden2, 800 euros all in

Gradient Bi golden2, 
size 42

First use : 2013
Appr. hours : 150 hours
No acro, no tree landing, no water landing, no Dune de Pyla flying,
Price 800 euros (postage included for Europe)

miércoles, 12 de agosto de 2015

Paragliding Spain - Alicante - it doesn't get much better !

We still have room in our sky.   September - october, excellent months in Alicante.

XC flights, thermals like you want them, and if not numerous soaring sites if needed.

Hope to walk the sky with you all !!   Fly Spain with your wings, go where summer hardly ever ends.

Known as best value around for paragliding holiday trip in the sun.

Nick, Kath y Paco

martes, 21 de julio de 2015

Paragliding Spain - Alicante

Weather you are a XC, acro or beginner pilot,  don't miss out on one of the best paragliding holiday opportunities you'll ever have in life.     Europe's best value paragliding holiday, check it out.

From our coastal sites to our numerous mountain sites, with 16 years of experience you can't be wrong.  Ask our customers, of which 80% have been back to Alicante, experiencing it again and again and again.  

It has it all, if flyable there is a choice, if not flyable there are loads of other things to do.

Skywalk , Advance , Sup'air , Gradient , we have all kinds of equipment for you as well.

Hope to hear from you all, it'll be nice to meet up !!
Nick, Kath y Paco


miércoles, 24 de junio de 2015

Paragliding Spain

Here we go, summer arrived and how.  Yesterday over 30 degrees, beaches lovely, skies are blue.

If you are looking for a flying trip, well easy to say Alicante will suit you best.    Most reliable weather in Europe, cliffs and mountains.   What else do you want ¿?  Tapas, well, sorted !!

Paragliding in Spain cannot be better than with its sun, playas and mountains.  Fly Spain with us Doyouwanna, and enjoy our huge mountains and seasites.   For beginners and for competition pilots who want to make their 100km plus flights.

miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2015

Paragliding Alicante , fly beach vacation in southern Spain


We are ready for summer season.  
Actually we are more than excited to welcome you and family once again.   To enjoy your best paragliding-beach vacation ever.     It doesn't get much better.

With 30 degrees, a blue sky, a light breeze in the morning, a cristal clear Mediterranean Sea in front of us.    And the numerous mountains behind us,  that invite you to spent your well deserved vacation in a healthy sportive way.

We are happy to see you all, on our sandy beaches near Alicante or join us with the more challenging sports that can be done outdoors on our hills and on the water.

Paragliding in Spain.   The ultimate and best summer family trip to book for pilots.  

SUP, paddle surf, rock-climbing, horseback riding, chilling, kitesurfing, kajak, name it, its all possible here down near Alicante.

Doyouwanna - Paragliding in Alicante 

Teaming up with :

Multiaventura Charm Alicante


Life Beach Club Arenales del Sol - Alicante

Get in touch to see what we can offer :

0034 606 781 180  (whatsapp also)
Facebook Doyouwanna 

Nick, Kath y Paco

lunes, 27 de abril de 2015

Paragliding Alicante

To get you an idea what to fly in Spain, here are two of our flying sites inland,.

One is Sella close to Benidorm.   Impressive site, one of the best Spanish paragliding sites.

The other one is Carrascoy close to Murcia,  In between loads of sites,    Thermalling soaring, XC sites.   Take your pick,    Several locals have flewn the 90  km cross country flight to the coast already.

Paragliding in Spain.  Thats what it is.  Fly Spain with local pilots.   You will not regret paragliding in Spain when you are professionally guided.  Been taken to the right sites at the right time.   Make it something special and join us, local pilots.

Hope we see you soon, for sure you will love the flying in and near Alicante.

Nick, Kath y Paco

sábado, 28 de marzo de 2015

Fly spain , and enjoy mountain and beach. Paragliding vacation in a hot sun, guaranteed.

If you look for a fly and beach vacation.    
If you want to do some aweswome paragliding in Spain.  
Alicante I would say, it has it all.   

With its mountain range only 20 minutes inland and its several coastal sites, no doubt the best spring, summer destination for pilots and non pilots, and whole families.

If you want to fly Spain , then you need to be where the sun is shining, the playas are the best, and the mountains not far away.

Paragliding in the sun, and lots more activities on the side.   Like Sup , stand-up padle, kitesurfing, surfing, via ferrata, rock climbing, kajakking in the sea and so much more.

The weather is the easiest to organise, thats guaranteed sunshine and good weather.  The rest ?   Leave it up to us, 16 years of professional experience in the region.   The longest established paraglidng company in Alicante.   Doyouwanna ?   Of course you do.

Hope to see you all, once again.

Nick,  Kath y Paco

miércoles, 18 de marzo de 2015

Paragliding in Spain

I thought there was nothing wrong with a little publicity.

Flying in Spain, where would you go ?
Hmmm, different options.

Why not combine it with sunshine and beaches nearby.   Why not have the choice, soaring when windy, thermals inland, or squeeze out a lovely XC-flight on sites to choose.

Ok then,  I'll buy Renault !

lunes, 16 de marzo de 2015


Paragliding in Spain

yes thats what we do, we are a team of professionals who have been guiding all visitng pilots in the region of Alicante, Spain.
Feel welcome to fly with us, any time.

You surely will enjoy the numerous sites we have, coastal as well as mountains .

Un abrazo todos,
Nick, Kath y Paco

jueves, 22 de enero de 2015

over a 1000 likes on facebook. thank you all !

we are a little family run business, for over 16 years meanwhile guiding all visiting pilots from all over the world,
Our aim still to give them the best, most safe paragliding vacation in our region.
Our region known for its numerous sites, coastal, thermalling or XC sites.
Be welcome, we like you as well !!

Nick, Kath y Paco

miércoles, 14 de enero de 2015

Alicante paragliding Spain

Winter flying.  At the coat or inland,   We had about everything lately.   But winter still has to hit us.  Midjanuary and still over 18 degrees, spoiled we are.

Still room for you in March, if you're looking for a stress free paragliding vacation.

Let us know in time, to make sure we can fit you in !