lunes, 27 de abril de 2015

Paragliding Alicante

To get you an idea what to fly in Spain, here are two of our flying sites inland,.

One is Sella close to Benidorm.   Impressive site, one of the best Spanish paragliding sites.

The other one is Carrascoy close to Murcia,  In between loads of sites,    Thermalling soaring, XC sites.   Take your pick,    Several locals have flewn the 90  km cross country flight to the coast already.

Paragliding in Spain.  Thats what it is.  Fly Spain with local pilots.   You will not regret paragliding in Spain when you are professionally guided.  Been taken to the right sites at the right time.   Make it something special and join us, local pilots.

Hope we see you soon, for sure you will love the flying in and near Alicante.

Nick, Kath y Paco

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