viernes, 29 de enero de 2016

Caudete XC flying with Doyouwanna

In May, my friends are organising an XC competition on our site Caudete. For those who have been here, you will know the potential of this classic site we use. Do you want to fly further, then we invite you to come along in May as that is when the weekend is planned. If you up for it, just let us know, we still have availability. We have been guiding around the Alicante area since 1998, and this has led to the development of better pilots from all over Europe. Our guiding service is not about holding your hand, but about making you a better pilot so you can have safer, better, higher and longer flights. We are not there to show off our own self importance, but to help you with genuine guiding around our superb paragliding sites in the Alicante region. We hope to see you in May.

Give us a shout, and see what we offer. You'll be amazed.

Nick. Kath y Paco

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