domingo, 10 de enero de 2016

Paragliding Spain - Alicante

A quick grip out of my foto albums.   Have thousands of foto's of all our sites.  And lots of pilots have them as well.

Now we hope you come and take your foto's as well, as we have such a lovely scenery on our numerous sites.

Comp pilot ?  Acro pilot ? Miniwing fan ?  Beginner ? XC pilot ?
I think you'll be happy down here.

Together with Doyouwanna, already more than 17 year old experience as official guides in the region, we are sure we can deliver you one of Europe's best flying trips all over.

Good value, nice company, great weather, best food.

Why Alicante ?  Well what do you need ? Mountains and a good climate yes ? 
We got it.
And if too strong inland on the hills, what then ?  Heard about our coastal sites ?
Most beautiful they are.

And on non flyable moments, after all we only fly 270 days a year no ... ?  
We  have the best beaches to chill, to surf, to enjoy.... and I tell you what.   The scenery on our beaches get better day by day, its a wonderfull world,

Hope to see you all.

Nick, Kath y Paco

Some dates :
Morocco roadtrip 6 feb - 28 feb 2016
Iran roadtrip 6 april - 16 april 2016
Pyrenees roadtrip 25 june - 2 july 2016
Iran roadtrip, in november 2016, no exact date yet

In between, full time guiding, be our guest.

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